Aligning Private and Institutional Asset Management

A multidisciplinary approach to asset management with an emphasis on risk mitigation and stability is where we thrive. Outsourcing investment management to PNW Financial is the delegation of some or all investment management duties, including fiduciary responsibilities, that aim to achieve a desired outcome. With the right combination of research, technology and intelligence we aim to deliver comprehensive investment advisory solutions to investment portfolios that are data driven.

Fee Schedule for

Investment Advisory Services

First $1M                           65 BPS

Next $2M                          55 BPS

Next $2M                          45 BPS

Next $5M                          35 BPS

Above $10M                     25 BPS

Basis points (BPS) are a financial unit of measure to describe the percentage change within a financial instrument. One basis point (BPS) is equal to one-hundredth of one percent (1/100th or 0.01%). One hundred basis points is equal to one percent (1%). Accounts with an account balance less than $500,000 will be assessed a Predisposition Charge of 35 basis points.

Receive Fair Pricing

Continuous Portfolio Supervision

Gain a Fiduciary

Switch and Save

on termination fees


Move your investment accounts to PNW Financial and we will pay your termination fees  Transfer existing investment accounts to PNW Financial from another financial institution and we'll credit qualifying accounts up to $650 per account for termination fees and transfer fees incurred. To qualify, transferred investment accounts must have zero debits prior to being transferred, fee verification and a minimum account balance of $25,000. Allow 8 weeks for each credit to be applied.

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